Workforce management

Workforce management

Workforce management

If there is one place that our belief in Refreshing Customer Experiences is grounded it is in workforce management.  If there is one discipline where customer experience professionals lose sight of the wood from the trees – that is also workforce management.  It is a fine balance between an efficient and an ineffective customer operation; it is a fine balance between a motivated, customer focused agent and one who is burnt out and lost their way; it is a fine balance between a happy customer and an unhappy customer.   Nowhere does the old adage “the bitter taste of poor quality remains much longer than sweet taste of a low price” ring more true than in workforce planning.

Workforce management is not just about systems and algorithms - it is about culture, how your people feel and about your customer experiences.  All supported by a great system.

We have experience of design, implementation and operating a high quality and effective approach to planning and staffing contact centres.

  • competencies, structure and operating model for staffing planning team
  • capacity and skills planning
  • planning models and scenario planning
  • multi-channel and multi-skilling
  • WFM systems selection and implementation
  • optimising the people plan
  • real time operations

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