To Outsource or Not to Outsource? Three Great Reasons to Do It!

I frequently read this question on customer experience forums. And often a furious debate amongst customer experience advocates ensues with a prevailing wisdom that it is always better to run an operation in-house. Nonsense! Here, I out myself as a big fan of outsourcing. There I have said it. For me, outsourcing provides three vital benefits to any business before we even get into the debate of cost versus quantity.

  1. Outsourcers are flexible. With multiple clients, and potentially multiple sites and time zones, an outsourcer has far more options to start up, scale and close down a piece of work. In-house operations simply don’t have that kind of flexibility.

  2. Outsourcers deploy quickly. Outsourcing partners do this more often than you do with lots of partners and different technologies. They have the expertise and their governance is set up for rapid speed of response.

  3. Outsourcing is not capital intensive. The decision to outsource a process or operation requires very little capital investment so a business can increase scale or perhaps enter a new geography without a large outlay.

So outsourcing definitely has a role in your business armoury. What about the naysayers that think an inhouse operation will always be better than an outsource one? Well I would argue they have the outsource operation they deserve! There is no reason that an outsource operation should not have equivalent performance to an inhouse one. We will cover how to set up a successful outsource relationship in a future article.

outsourcing world.png