IVR and on hold experience

IVR and on hold experience


Everyone loves to hate an IVR.  If you don’t think you hate it, that is probably because you don’t realise what it is yet! Interactive Voice Response is what you hear when you call a company – you know, press 1 to wait for an eternity, press 2 to get disconnected, press the hash key to completely lose your mind etc.  But it really doesn’t have to be that way!

The IVR, however, need not be all evil and certainly doesn't have to be a negative experience.  If it is designed well it can be really effective at getting customers quickly to speak to the person that can really help them and we aim to make sure that happens.


Please no Greensleeves!!  Bad music is one of the crimes committed against us while on hold to companies but there are plenty of others. Are they trying to flog you something when all you want is to fix a fault?  Or insisting you hang up and check their web page?  Ideally a customer would never have to wait but if they do, we can give them a better experience than that.

We work with experts in linguistics and psychology to bring you a simplified and effective experience on the telephone from the time the customer picks it up to dial until they hang up.  A customer is unlikely ever to love an IVR or being on-hold, but if we can make the experience neutral then the adviser will have an easier job when they receive a call and the customer will have a more refreshing experience.

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