Incident and crisis management

Incident and crisis management

Incident and crisis management

Often, our first reaction to a crisis is reputation protection.  But do you realise that is just one aspect of your incident response and, if you don’t get it right in the first few moments, then reputation management will be so much harder?

With the lighting speed that information spreads through social media and the web there is every chance that your customers will know that you have a big problem long before you do.  And the white heat of a crisis is not the best time to start developing your incident management strategy.  From past experience we believe that, without being able to predict specific future crises, you can create a framework that allows you to empower your team with confidence to handle the initial response to an incident.

We would help you build a plan to protect your brand and your operation including

  • your crisis management team
  • initial response actions
  • managing communication to customers
  • when and who to escalate and engage


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