About us

About us


addzest is a boutique consultancy that will shift your perspectives to really improve your customer experience.  We are firm believers that outside-in thinking, and embracing the passion of your front line team, are the key to a refreshing experience.


Dougie, our founder and principal consultant, has 20 years experience in customer focused businesses including BSkyB, Coca-Cola and Scottish Courage. He has worked as a senior executive both in finance and operations management and was a judge in the 2012 Contact Centre Association Global Excellence Awards.  Dougie has worked right on the front line of customer interactions so brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any engagement.

We know when we need to inject something special so we also have a handpicked network of associates and partners that Dougie has worked with successfully in the past. These include the brightest thinkers and the best do-ers in the business.


How often do we sacrifice our long term goals because we are focused on fighting today’s fire?

We understand that running any customer operation is relentless and you rarely have time to breathe without thinking about how you really refresh your customer experience.

We bring fresh thinking, cross industry experience and extra firepower to allow you to make your next big step change.

Investing in your future direction is too important to get sidetracked or to choose the wrong partner to work with. We know what we are good at; and we know what to leave well alone. Take a look at the services we offer and call us if you would like to take any opportunities further.


Using our wide and varied experience we like to think a bit differently.

We really want to see your business do something special so we bring fresh industry thinking and really effective breakthrough techniques to put a zing in your customer experience.  We believe in talking to your people and your customers to find a solution that is relevant and will stick.  We will bring outside the box thinking, not out of the box solutions.

  • Refreshing how you think and what you do
  • Refreshing how your people feel about you 
  • Refreshing customer experiences every time